i can do this!

hehe, i'll do my best.

about me

❥ she/her pronouns
❥ 15
❥ confused by sexuality
❥ capricorn
❥ enfj
❥ too in love with my sweetheart

soft kins

highlighted means ID.

tails from sonic.
ruby&nozomi from love live
sayori from ddlc.
❥ starfire from teen titans.
kanon&lisa from bandori.
❥ akko from lwa.
darwin from tawog.
❥ cream puff cookie from cr.
k.o from ok ko.
❥ flame princess from AT.
❥ flippy from htf.
tamako from tamako market.

chaotic kins

highlighted means ID.

monokuma from danganronpa.
korosensei from ansatsu class.
scrooge from ducktales 2017.
❥ osomatsu from osomatsu san.
zero two from ditf.
❥ crowley from good omens.
whisper&inaho from yw.

my universe

    ❥ mark is someone that i can always count on, he makes me very happy and i'm glad a demon like me found a precious and incredible angel like he is, i can't describe how much i truly love him and how much he means to me, he's my universe!

    ❥ also FRICK yeah, i talk about him too much, i am marklovemail afterall!


    ❥ thank you for reading my carrd first of all, and second of all, i'm a dumb n sweet girl!
    my name is michelle! i am a pretty social girl, i do small edits yet it be pictures or videos, i post too much about my fandoms and i do lovemail about my bf :3!


    ❥ you fit the basic dnfi criteria
    you believe in cringe culture
    ❥ you're kin>friends
    you're a fujoshi
    ❥ you're just a bad person in general!



    ❥ mention amy rose.
    ❥ mention sailor moon.
    ❥ say "pl*ytime"
    ❥ use me for positvity
    ❥ get in my romantic life
    ❥ follow if ur name is miu.


    ❥ i'm happy with all doubles except i get a bit uncomfy with tamako, tails, monokuma, inaho, korosensei, flippy n darwin doubles... sorry!
    it's not you, it's me,
    but you're still very valid!


    highlighted means i frequently post it.

    love live
    ☆ sonic
    ☆ teen titans
    ☆ undertale
    ☆ yokai watch
    ☆ tawog
    ☆ we bare bears
    ☆ ok ko! lets be heroes
    ☆ other cartoons/animes

    social medias

    thanks for reading my carrd!